We are an Adelaide based I.C.T Support and Data Backup Provider

Based in Adelaide we support small and mid size business here in South Australia, but can and do also remote support companies with offices and staff interstate.

Store-data started for the sole reason to be able to protect our customers data from loss from local failures, at a fair price as competitors at the time were very expensive

Since then the cloud based services have become apart of the ICT landscape and Store-Data has added cloud back up support for our customers.

And over time we have expanded and added extra services and features as our customer base has required them, such as Could VM, dedicated server hosting, vPBX Phone hosting solutions, plus others.

“CLOUD” started out as just a marketing term for hosted services, now “Cloud” simply means internet, where your service and data is hosting for you where you need an internet connection to be able to access those services and data.

The “Cloud” is a not new and has been around for almost as long as the internet, but with changes to internet speeds and Companies like Microsoft , AWS and Google, making these system cheap and available to the mainstream users, hosted or cloud services have become everyday products for all computer users.

Your cloud provider for your service will store your data in there platform, normally in large data centres that run all over the world, Storedata backups follow this industry practice and backup’s to best in class servers around the world, your data is protected by encryption before it leaves your site.

If you must have your data stored onshore, or in a particular region speaking to us, this can be arranged for additional cost.

In most cased NO, most systems that meet the minimum system requirements for windows 10 or any of your line of business software, are able to take advantages of cloud computing or and cloud storage.

We do of course recommend windows 10 pro for all business users.


We Support Adelaide small and mid size Business with all your ICT needs.


Onsite and remote support for your Business with any ICT problems you may have.

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Backup of Cloud and local Data
Hosted NBN ready Phone systems
Office 365 Business setups done right

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Using best in class providers with modren and up to data systems

Use the Power of the Cloud

Using best in class providers like Microsoft, Office 365, Azure, 3CX, Avast, to power your IT systems.


Your business should be using the best in market, that is why we use and recommend cloud providers like Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Azure, Datto, 3CX , Avast CloudCare, Atera, Breeze Connect. we believe that these providers not only provide excellent service but at excellent costs to service value.

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Available Uptime
Available Uptime

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